Will Raising the Delaware Minimum Wage Increase the Unemployment Rate?

Increasing the Delaware minimum wage would provide substantial earnings boosts to the state’s lowest-paid workers. According to EPI’s model, SB 15 would result in a $314 million real-term increase in annual wages for the directly affected workforce. It would also lift the pay of these workers by 18%, which would be a considerable increase for a person making $20,000 a year. But would it actually work?

Increases in Delaware minimum wage are subject to federal minimum wage

The minimum wage in the United States has not been increased since 2009. President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan sought to raise the federal tipped rate to $15 per hour. This bill passed the House of Representatives but was stripped out by the Senate parliamentarian, who ruled that the legislation was not subject to budget reconciliation. This is the reason why some states have different minimum wages than others. You can read more about minimum wage laws and how to calculate the minimum wage for your area.

Until now, the minimum wage was $12 an hour. Since then, prices have increased dramatically, and this federal rate has not kept pace with inflation. However, minimum wage advocates argue that the current federal rate is too low and does not reflect the cost of living. While the minimum wage was over $12 an hour in 1968, it only went as high as $15 per hour in 2015. In spite of these concerns, supporters of a $15 an hour minimum wage have gained momentum in states across the country. Polls have shown that two-thirds of voters are in favor of an increase in minimum wages.

There are some exceptions to this rule. Currently, only seven states have their own minimum wage. In those seven states that do, the federal minimum wage applies to all employees. As a result, many workers in certain categories may have to settle for lower wages. If you are not sure about a minimum wage law, talk to an attorney and ask them if you should be covered by it. You might be surprised by what you learn.

Consumer price index

delaware minimum wage

The rise in the minimum wage has brought many benefits. While many states have raised the minimum wage to $15, Delaware is one of those states that has not. However, the minimum wage in Delaware has not been increased for many years. The state is considering raising it to $15, but it is unclear when the increase will take effect. For now, it is expected to be effective in 2020. A minimum wage increase would increase the earnings of more than 40 percent of working single parents in the state.

Some lawmakers are hesitant to raise the minimum wage, fearing the impact on small businesses. Others worry that it will negatively affect their local economy and are opposed to tying raises to the CPI. Rep. Mike Ramone is also opposed to the increase in the minimum wage, and wants to scrap the bill and instead pass a law requiring workers to earn a minimum living wage. The debate continues in the House as a vote on the minimum wage bill is expected to take place on January 14.

Regardless of the outcome of the Senate, a minimum wage increase in Delaware would provide a huge earnings boost for its lowest-paid workers. According to EPI’s model, the minimum wage in Delaware would increase by $314 million over the next five years. That would mean a real wage increase of $1,800 per year for the average affected worker, or more than 13% more than what they earn now. Even if the average wage of Delaware is not indexed to the CPI, it would still be significant for those earning less than $20 an hour.

Unemployment rate

The connection between the minimum wage and Delaware’s unemployment rate has been a long-standing one. The minimum wage raises pay for low-wage workers while unemployment rates remain relatively stable in the state. However, it is difficult to draw direct conclusions about the impact of increased minimum wages on the unemployment rate in Delaware. In fact, a closer look at the past few decades shows that the minimum wage has largely been stagnant or declined over the past four decades.

In recent years, the minimum wage has risen in Delaware, and Governor Carney recently signed Senate Bill 15 into law to gradually raise the hourly rate to $15 by the year 2025. The issue has been widely debated, however, and a conflict has arisen between raising the rate in order to help workers afford better quality of life and the interests of small businesses. Nevertheless, the debate is inevitable, as the state has faced a severe economic recession and the resulting lack of jobs.

delaware minimum wage

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In addition to the minimum wage, Delaware has laws that allow employers to give employees tips. Delaware’s law does not allow discrimination against emergency responders, so employers can fire them at will. In addition, Delaware is an employment-at-will state, which means that employers are not required to make any agreements with their employees and can terminate them at any time, even if they were motivated by discrimination. However, employers must pay final wages to their employees by the following payday. Further information regarding hiring processes can be found in the state’s discrimination laws section.

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