Dirty ways to make money: 16 safest methods

Sometimes, having a full-time job and formal education is not enough for people – they need more savings, which they can earn in their free time. However, not all of them are ready to follow dirty ways to make some money – they are either too scared or are just unaware of such ways to earn extra cash.

There are some benefits to dirty jobs – it provides you with quick cash, you can create your own schedule (since you are your own boss!) and you don’t need a college degree for that.

You might be wondering: are dirty jobs safe? The answer is not always. But if you follow all the precautions and keep cybersecurity in mind, this is a great opportunity to make money safely.

Don’t be scared to get your hands dirty – today we will provide you with some free resources and online platforms where you can make money.

dirty ways to make money

Dirty ways to make money online fast

There are several dirty jobs and nefarious methods of making extra money on the Internet. There are ways to get paid for your dirty actions. And most important: you have countless options for working time and you can decide on what you do or not.

If you want some additional income but still love your time and energy, this is the easiest way to do this.

Sell feet pics online

What’s the strangeness in that? The market for these types of materials is huge. People want to see photographs of others’ feet covered by dirt and other debris. Aside from giving visual stimulation, dirty feet photos can also serve marketing and modeling purposes.

Some foot fetishists also enjoy seeing images showing feet covered in dust and grime; this is turning them on. It doesn’t matter which one is taken, dirty foot photos are unique in the world.

Taking good foot photographs is a good way of making money. Find the easiest way to sell your photos for money if you are into kinky jobs.

Dirty ways to make money: 16 safest methods

Sell dirty undies and socks

You can buy dirty clothes from a store for money. Sure the sale of used clothes isn’t for everyone. It involves a sense that one should be comfortable in their own body and bodily fluids. But for people willing to face such challenges, it’s very profitable to make money.

Besides the financial benefits, there are risks associated with selling such intimate objects.

Be careful in your decisions before pursuing such a dangerous job.

Dirty ways to make money: 16 safest methods

Be a kinky webcam model

Camming has probably proven itself a popular method to earn cash in the entertainment sector. Sites like Chaturbate or MyFreeCams allow users to play live shows to a worldwide audience.

And though the camming technique requires some initial setup and investment (for equipment and a good Internet connection), the process is very lucrative.

Webcams have grown from hundreds to millions each year. You can become a cam model if you need easy money fast and do not mind having a kinky job.

12 ways for females to make money online

Women have many ways to make money online. Tell me your best way.

Start a YouTube channel

You can’t predict the earnings of YouTube advertising. CMP advertising fees vary by type of advertisement.

YouTube channels are like blogging on your site. The difference is in the content, you can make videos rather than articles. You can make millions in revenue from promoting affiliate products online. It is a powerful tool to generate millions of visitors to a website.

The software allows a user to embed affiliate links in videos and get their audience interested in clicks. Contrary to blogging, you can start without buying any domain and hosting.

Dirty ways to make money: 16 safest methods

Start a blog

A blog is an internet site focused specifically on one area. Or the site also provides articles to the site. If you wish to see how a blog works, then you should read it from a personal finance blog. The popularity of blogging has fallen since the advent of blogs.

When I was young, I was able to get paid for it without having any other earnings before I was selling it. This is due to online payment systems not being as widespread today as they are.

Earn from virtual friendship

The idea of online dating makes women money mainly from online dating and chatting. Many solitary people look for companionship for their children. You are virtual friends and you have to meet people online.

You’re not required to attend meetings in-person – Zoom, Google, Facebook, or Skype are important communication sources.

It’s probably a bit strange that some users need an offline friend. There may be several factors involved. No one should be concerned about revealing any information about you to this person.

Dirty ways to make money: 16 safest methods

Become a Pinterest virtual assistant

Whether you blog regularly on Instagram or have your website, you know Pinterest can be your job for many years. The creation of attractive pins with graphics such as Photoshop requires considerable work and special skills.

Often online business does not require a high school diploma to sign up for this job.

It is not so a dirty job of making a quick income online. This is a legal job and you receive your full-time income.

Dirty ways to make money: 16 safest methods

Sell online courses

It is no longer necessary to meet your students personally to learn something. The Internet allows people across the world to communicate easily with no hustle. But it’s possible to play smarter.

There is online course hosting systems such as Coursera and Udemy. If you have something to teach others, that’s an easy way of making money online – of course, it will not provide someone with a formal education, but it will provide you with some extra dollars.

Dirty ways to make money: working with animals

You can consider working on animals to be dirty work. It is a great source for a quick job. Almost everybody loves animals, so it’s a good side hustle. Also, the job vacancy is still open. There are opportunities to earn additional income if you have a full-time gig.

Pet sitting

Most pet owners are either working during the day or leaving home for the weekend. They don’t spend enough time giving pets love. Their work enables them to get so busy that they are unable to enjoy interacting with their pets. It can be an exciting business to do and might even be good for your mental health.

You just have to find this busy pet manager and tell them that you will keep an eye on their pets while they’re working or on holiday if they want to pay your fees. They would certainly be very pleased with doing that for them. You can earn up to $80 for your pet care services each evening.

Dirty ways to make money: 16 safest methods

Earn from a dairy farm

You can make good money from dairy farming. It always involves manpower to do the job.

Milk cows as they grow old or provide for their maintenance or feed. It may seem unhygienic in these workspaces at first, but you’ll often have trouble showing off at work. It should always be consistent.

This work requires an early rise.

The cow washing starts at 5:30 a.m.

There is also a positive side. Learn animal survival lessons and gain a lot of practical skills to begin farming businesses.

Horse grooming

This could prove very useful in earning some money from horses.

Horses use sport and agriculture in diverse locations. The groomer must also keep an eye on the animals for their health.

It’s similar to working in milk production, with a major advantage of free re-training classes.

Dirty ways to make money: 16 safest methods

Become a dog walker

Does anyone else have dogs in their homes? Taking your neighbor’s dog on the trail is an easy way to make a full income.

However, you may be shy enough to go out and help someone out there that might need you. Keep in mind there won’t be dog walker advertisements on TV. Tell your neighbor what you think and start selling your services.

You might get even more clients if you post about it on different social media platforms – this way, your side income will increase.

Dirty ways to make money: 16 safest methods

Dirty ways to make money: cleaning

The average hourly wages of a worker can vary between $10 and $25 depending on where you are located. There is a dirty way of such working – for example, cleaning up a crime scene, or a more or less pleasing way, such as gutter cleaning. These earnings can come from cleaning services as follows:

Window cleaner

It takes time to start a window cleaning firm. There’s nothing necessary to rent or buy a space. You just need a small collection of cleaning supplies for $50 or less.

Show us your earnings if you need help with the maintenance of small businesses or neighboring properties.

It has great benefits – you don’t have to work full-time! Build yourself a client base, find a good online marketplace, and be ready to compete with other businesses.

Dirty ways to make money: 16 safest methods

Dog poop cleaner or scooter

It’s easy to earn cash, but it takes some effort to get it done. In the offline world, dog poo washing is one of the dirty jobs that you can take up.

Most of these cleaning dogs are needed to clean gardens and to clean wealthy homes. I am sure yours isn’t happy with it. I may sound disrespectful, but don’t be afraid that we’re tired and not shaming.

Dirty ways to make money: 16 safest methods

Pool cleaner

These jobs require swimming and other swimming maintenance skills. But learning is not an easy task. It can be $5-20 per hour if you remove all the dirt.

Also, if you know of friends with whom you can work, please join them instead of trying to do everything yourself. If you are lucky you can find a friend to give you some lessons without having to learn anything by yourself.

You can make more money by cleaning public healthcare facilities. This private firm relies on people not interested in government job roles for daily operations. In this case, the employee may earn additional income from the business.

Many firms require you to work hours because cleaning is required by health care providers.

You receive free medical care and earn between $250 and $1,000 each month.

Dirty ways to make money: 16 safest methods


Apart from those listed in this article, there are other dirty ways to make money – you can provide funeral services, clean up dead bodies or dead animals from a crime scene, become an oil rig worker (quite literally a dirty job), or one of the gutter cleaners.

There is nothing shameful in applying to dirty jobs or looking for ways to earn money online apart from your main job – do what you gotta do to keep a roof over your head and your stomach full!

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