Do teachers get paid during summer break? How to make money and survive in summer

Do teachers get paid during summer break? This is an interesting question that many teachers may ask, but the answer is not always straightforward.

Quick answer

Many private and public school teachers in the United States take summer off. In other words, not working during summer break means that you will not earn money.

However, teachers can receive pay during the summer if they opt for a 12-month pay structure.

Teachers don’t get paid in the summer if they aren’t teaching. Teachers can ask to have their annual salary spread out over all 12 months of the school year.

You would get $4,166 in monthly pay before taxes if you earn a gross annual average teacher salary of $50,000. You would receive summer pay even when school is out.

Teachers who work in a year-round school system would get paid during the summer since they’re teaching the entire year. 

Teachers who work year-round still get a summer break, but it is shorter than the traditional summer vacation.

For a typical year-round school schedule, teachers might work nine weeks and then have three weeks off. 

How much do teachers get paid during summer break?

Teachers can decide when and how often they get paid.

There are three pay structures offered to employees by the San Diego Unified School District, one of which is a 10-month pay structure.

Montgomery County Public Schools teachers get paid in summer, based on whether they are 12-month employees or 10-month teachers.

Teachers in North Carolina are paid according to a 10-month or 11-month structure. They can also get extra pay or stipends for doing extra work, like teaching classes through the early college program. 

There are two options when it comes to how teachers are paid during the summer. Teachers can either get their summer pay all at once or in several smaller paychecks.

It makes sense to get paid in a lump sum or split up your paychecks over the summer break if you are responsible with your money.

If you don’t expect any extra costs over the summer, you might take the lump sum. You can use the money to pay off your bills or save it for a rainy day.

You might be better off taking regular paychecks each pay period if you think a lump sum is a temptation to spend.

Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about being handed a large amount of cash one day, then the next day wondering where it’s all gone.

There are benefits to teachers getting paid in the summer

Teachers are getting paid for the time they work on school-related activities outside the classroom when their paychecks are distributed over the full school year.

The summer is when many teachers spend time putting together lesson plans for the next school year.

They can attend school conferences, take classes, or both to further their professional development.

Getting paid over the summer means that teachers have extra money to enjoy what spare time they do have. 

Some people may use their summer pay to take a short vacation or spend a little money on self-care. This can help them recharge and prepare mentally for the new school year.

How do teachers earn money in the summer?

During the summer months, many teachers use the opportunity to supplement their regular paychecks with additional income.

Teachers can earn extra pay by getting a second job or starting a side hustle during the summer.

During the summer months, teachers have unique money-making skills that can create several work opportunities.

The amount of money they can earn depends on how much extra work they are willing to take on and how much time they have until the next school term begins.

Public education isn’t one of the highest-paying professions, so even making an extra $1000 a month in local school districts could be good for a teacher.

Teacher salaries vary by school districts and by degree and years of experience. 

The pay scale for a full-time teacher with a bachelor’s degree and no prior teaching experience is $61,070.

A teacher with a master’s degree and eight years of teaching experience start at $83,972. Both salaries are significantly higher than the average salary paid to teachers nationwide.

The workweek of elementary school teachers

The typical workweek for a teacher is different from the typical workweek for other occupations.

However, teachers are often required to handle school-related activities outside those hours.

Staff meetings may be required before or after school. Extracurricular programs may be overseen on afternoons.

Creating lesson plans or grading assignments may be blocked off at night or on weekends.

Most teachers will reach into their pockets to ensure that their students have pencils, paper, and other necessities to learn. Teachers have a hard job.

In the summer, most teachers make a living using the skills they have learned in the classroom.

Retired teachers can look into supplementing Social Security benefits or teacher pensions after they have retired.

Education is one of the most popular ways for teachers to get paid in the summer. Teachers might take a summer job teaching in their district’s summer school.

The average summer school teachers get paid $3,223. An extra $6,000 could be put in your pocket by two months of work.

Other ways to make money for a teacher during summer break

There are a lot of teachers who teach summer classes at their local community college.

Many parents are willing to pay for a teacher’s expertise to help their child avoid the summer slump, so offering the services of a private tutor is also an option.

Online jobs

Teachers can make money over the summer by doing teaching jobs online. 

There is an online marketplace where educators can buy and sell educational materials. 

For example, if you are a history teacher, you might create history lesson plans for elementary students.

You might also be able to sell grammar worksheets you created with a tool like Canva if you teach language arts.

Since you can create your materials once and sell them multiple times to different buyers, this could be a great way to create a passive income stream and save money.

You may want to pursue a career that is entirely unrelated to working with children to earn extra money over the summer.

As a summer part-time job, you may consider becoming a virtual assistant. You can also start a blog or sell printed or other handmade items.

You can be a proofreader or freelancer, or online proofreader. There are many ways to apply the skills learned in school.

What are the duties of teachers during the summer?

Teachers’ budgets can be pressured by school pay systems, but the good news is that teachers can use the summer as an opportunity to earn extra income. Teachers aren’t just lounging by the pool while school is out. They work during the summer.

Teachers can also spend time getting ready for the next school year. That includes:

  • Lesson plans can be created for the upcoming school year.
  • Exploring options for the curriculum.
  • Classrooms can be decorated or rearranged.
  • Buying any necessary school supplies.
  • Participating in staff meetings or seminars.
  • Continuing education is required to maintain their teacher certification license.

These are things that teachers don’t get paid for, but a great teacher takes them seriously.

The summer months are a good time for some teachers to consider a career change.

If you want to start your own business, you might want to move into a different field of education or quit teaching altogether.


How do teachers survive in the summer?

If they don’t choose the 12-month payout of their salary, they are more likely to look for a summer job.
Many high school teachers will look for summer jobs in the school district or will work in restaurants, and summer camps, or find manual jobs that will work for the summer months.

Do teachers get paid in the summer UK?

Summer vacation is when teachers are paid in the United Kingdom. Although they are paid for a 10-month contract, most people prefer to extend it to one year.

What do teachers get paid in Texas?

The average salary for a public school teacher in Texas is $54,866, but the range is between $45,821 and $66,908

What is the starting pay for teachers in NC?

The average starting salary for North Carolina teachers is $40,227, but the range is usually between $33,595 and $49,056.


Is there any pay for teachers in the summer? Sometimes, but not always.

For teachers who are looking to stretch their salary over the summer break, it may be helpful to establish a 12-month pay schedule.

Other side hustles for teachers that you can do during the summer or the entire year to make more money are also available.

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