Can you get cash back with Apple Pay and how to do that? 

Apple Pay is becoming more and more popular as a payment method, as it is very easy to use across devices such as the iPhone and Apple Watch. Many people have switched from regular card payments to Apple Pay.

Thanks to this, many stores began to adjust their terminals to accept Apple Pay payments. Moreover, it became possible to pay for purchases online using Apple Pay, which will take a maximum of a few seconds, and you will not need to enter card details for a long time.

The only question that remains problematic for some Apple Pay users is: can you get cash back with Apple Pay? In this article, you can find the answer to this question.

Can you get cash back with Apple Pay and how to do that? 

What is an Apple Pay account? 

Apple Pay is a contactless payment method that is made using the Apple Wallet app.

An Apple Pay account is an authorized credit or debit card.

Apple Pay symbol uses kCommunication or NFC technology, which allows you to make contactless purchases even if there is no card near you.

Apple Card

The Apple Card is the card that you transfer to the Wallet application. You can add a card by going to Wallet and clicking on the add button. After that, you just need to follow the instructions and select the Apple Pay card, which will be the resource for payment.

Can you get cash back with Apple Pay and how to do that? 

Which places accept Apple Pay?

Now almost every store accepts Apple Pay. In particular, if the store has a card terminal, then it is very likely that it will be able to accept Apple Pay.

Advantages of using Apple Pay 

If you have not yet started using Apple contactless payment, then it is quite logical that you might have a question, but is it worth using Apple Pay at all?

Below, you can see the advantages of using this payment system.


This method is much more secure since when using a regular card, there is a chance that personal data can be stolen.


Apple Pay purchases can also give you cash back.

Can you get cash back with Apple Pay and how to do that? 


Apple is constantly updating features that can improve your Apple Card and pay experience.


Now, in almost every store, you can pay with your iPhone or watch by Apple, which allows you to shop much faster without worrying about having a card with you.

Is Apple Pay fully secured? 

Apple Pay is indeed a much more secure method than using a regular card.

To begin with, to pay for a purchase, you need to authenticate your identity in the Apple Pay wallet using a password, Face ID, or Touch ID.

This means that in case your phone is stolen, they will not be able to purchase without knowing the password, unlike a regular card.

Also, all information about your card is tightly encrypted by Apple, and it is stored not just like an Apple ID password, which makes it virtually impossible to hack your card data.

What should I do if I lost my iPhone with Apple Pay? 

If your phone has Apple Pay, then you may be worried about what you will need to do if your phone is stolen.

First, to prevent easy mining in the form of an available monetary resource, make sure that a password is set on your Apple Wallet app.

Secondly, if your phone has already been stolen, call your bank or Apple support and ask them to block the card that was registered as an Apple Pay card.

Cashback with Apple Pay

Cash back is a percentage of the money that you spend and which, when accumulated, can combine into a good amount.

Cash back with Apple Pay is provided through a deposit.

cash back with Apple Pay

Earning by linking to Apple Pay credit or debit card 

You can also get nice bonuses if you know how the linking card to Apple Pay works.

Below, you can find two options for receiving cash back or rewards.

Earn rewards

The first is the reward you receive after linking a credit or debit card.

Most often, this is the percentage of cash back from restaurants or shops.

Earn cash 

Also, you can get direct cash back from Apple Pay.

When receiving rewards, you receive a percentage from all stores, however, if you receive cash back from a particular store, the amount may be higher.

Methods to get cash back with Apple Pay

Finally, we got to the main question of this article, namely, how can you get cash back with an Apple Pay card?

Below you can see three different ways.

First method

The first way is to receive cash back after you have connected the card to your wallet.

To do this, you need to go to the application, click on the add button and select the card with which you want to receive cash back with Apple Pay.

Also, some cards can create additional cash back in case of contactless payment for an iPhone or watch by Apple.

Second method

The second way is to get cash back by creating an Apple Card.

This is an official card from Apple and gives you special cashback percentages on purchases from Apple services such as the App Store and other places.

Third method 

The last method of getting cash back is to use a debit card.

To do this, you just need to connect a debit card to your account for Apple Pay. Also, in the case of using a debit card, you can get cash back by using an ATM, if it is more convenient for you. You need to contact the bank of your card to understand what Apple Pay cash back you can get by using this system.

Can you get cash back with Apple Pay and how to do that? 


Can you get cash back at ATM with Apple Pay?

It may be possible, but the process will be quite complicated, and you will need a special type of ATM that has built-in cash back from the Apple Pay feature.

How can I get cash off my Apple Pay?

Through three ways, the first one is to link a cashback card, the second one is to use an official Apple Card and the third one is to use a device card cash back. Also, you can use the “transfer to bank” function.

Which stories can give me cash back with Apple Pay?

Now a huge number of stories accept Apple Pay and offer cash back. However, you should verify this by asking a consultant. The most popular stores that can give you cash back are Adidas, Lego, and Sephora.


We hope that after reading this article, you did get closer to the answer to the question “can you get cash back with Apple Pay?”. Now, you know several ways to get a percentage of your purchases.

Furthermore, now you understand what are the benefits of using Apple Pay, how can you earn cash back or rewards with Apple Pay, and how to fully protect yourself in case your phone is stolen.

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