Get paid to watch movies: main ways

Watching movies online is one of our favorite actions usually in our free time. There are many cinema fans, who spend the majority part of the day watching movies and videos. The monthly pay for watching on platforms such as Netflix and Disney+, but what about getting paid to watch movies? In this article, we will discuss the ways of earning money online with movies.


This site allows you to earn points by watching videos and movie trailers, playing games, and taking surveys. If you earn 100 points you can exchange them for 1$. Also, Swagbucks gives you 5$ as a bonus when you sign up. The reward can be redeemed and sent to your Paypal cash.

InBoxDollars to watch movie previews

It is a popular site to get paid to watch movies. The functions of InBoxDollars are very easy to understand. Like Swagbucks, the web gives a 5$ bonus for sing up and rewards with points and cash. You can earn by watching videos online, movie previews, and trailers. Just be aware of the availability of the site in your country.

MyPoints – points for watching videos

Another web where you can get paid to watch movies. It allows you to earn 500 points daily. You just need to watch videos from the playlist. Sing up bonus is 10$, which is twice more than the previous two sites. Currently, the website is working in the USA.


Nielsen tv family ratings are the popular ratings among tv shows. You can get paid to watch the tv show. People earn about 50$ per year. Though it is not significant, it is still a way to make money.


You can earn money on Viggle by taking surveys, listening to music, and watching tv shows, and movies. You will get Perk Points and exchange them for cash. 30 to 35 points are equal to 1 cent. So you need to spend much of your time to make significant money.

Focus group – money for watching movies

If you are ready to put more effort to earn more money, you should consider joining a focus group.

It is an online group of up to 12 participants, created with the purpose to research and give feedback on movies and productions. There you need to understand the reaction of the audience when they watch the movie.

According to the given information, you can get paid 50-150$ per hour. For participating you need to apply, and providing with your data.


The next web to get money is SuccessBux. The company paid 20,000$ reward in the last 5 years. You can get cash by taking surveys, listening to the radio, and watching advertisements and movies. You can cash out your money once your balance is at least 1.10$.

Perk TV

It is a site where you can get paid to watch movie trailers and films. There are no TV shows, instead, you watch only movies and trailers. One minute gives you one point. So for a movie, you can get around 120 points.

The site allows you also to answer the questions from the quizzes and surveys.

Writing movie reviews

Another option to get paid is to write movie reviews on a site called ‘Animation Arena’. For each review, you can get 15$, but it must contain a minimum of 550 words.

Moreover, you can write up to 10 reviews per month.

For that firstly you need to apply on their site sending 2 samples of your writing and answering the questions in the email.

You also can write your own stories on Vocal. media. Each time someone reads your story you will get paid. It is a form of passive income.

The website pays 3.8-6$ per 1,000 reads. If you can write movie content, then this will help you to earn money.

Netflix movie tagger

Netflix tagger is a professional, who has enough experience and knowledge to categorize movies on the platform.

Taggers watch movies and take notes of special elements to describe movies.

To become a movie tagger you should be an expert in films and their genres. It is a full-time job that needs your concentration and abilities used carefully.


It is the most popular way to get paid for watching movies. You can open a youtube channel and make a movie review blog, describe films, give your opinion and suggestions, and rate movies.

If you create content properly, you will get a lot of subscribers. Youtube pays for views. The more views, the more you will get paid.

Many YouTubers promote their channels through ads. Moreover, they earn money by putting others’ ads in videos on their channels.

So it is one of the most profitable ways to get paid to watch movies today.

Checker through Market Force in a movie theater

The next one is becoming a checker as a CFA (certified field associate) through Market Force. There you will collect checks from a local movie theater.

It is a part-time job, where you have to watch movies, previews, and record ads. There are variations of checks:

  • Sneak check. You have to watch previews to understand the reaction of the audience.
  • Blind check. You should count the number of movie watchers coming into the theater.
  • Open check. You need to gather information about people who are appearing at showtimes.
  • Ad check. You need to get as much information as possible about the audience by watching previews of the brand-new movie. So finally for each film, you will get 30$.

Film critic

Professional film critics earn around 50,000$ per year. They are people, who have studied films and made reviews for many years.

You can start by writing reviews for movies, as mentioned above. After acquiring much experience you will be able to become a movie critic.

Once you become a movie critic, you can criticize and rate films on popular platforms such as Rotten Tomatoes.

It is a big impact on the promotion of movies, and they will be dependent on you partially.

Closed captioner

Our favorite subtitles are written by a closed captioner. Becoming one of them means you will type the subtitles when you are watching a movie or a show.

Some professionals suggest captioning videos in your native language in the beginning. It will be helpful.

What about salary, companies are paying 10-75$ per hour of movie time. Pretty profitable way to watch movies and get paid for your work on them.


Another work on movies is to be a voice-over artist. It is as amazing a job as a closed captioner. You can get around 20$ to a few hundred dollars per hour.

However, it is not easy as it seems to be. You need to practice your reading, control your voice, and record yourself. Only after that, you can look for this job.

Movie producer

If you are good at creating stories, filming, and encouraging, and have some experience in movies, you legitimately can be a movie producer.

You need to use all your knowledge to accomplish the complicated tasks of producing movies.

Production of movies is a popular and responsible activity in the cinema world. It is harder to make content that the majority of the audience would get interested in. Movie producers spend years just to film a single movie.

Because of the job’s complexity, producers usually are paid a lot. On average they earn around 57,000$ per year. However, you can make more if you become famous.


Can you get paid for watching Netflix videos?

Yes, if you are a Netflix tagger. Netflix taggers categorize movies by their genres. You can apply for this job if a vacancy appears.
So you need to be professional in this position with enough knowledge. Bear in mind that not all movies are entertaining, though you have to watch them till the end once you are hired.

How much do Netflix taggers get paid?

In the position of a Netflix tagger, you can earn up to 300$ per week. Just watch movies, tag themб, and fulfill all tasks on time.
However, to earn that much you need to work a full-time job. It is not as easy as it may seem, so read all requirements of the job, then apply for it.


Getting paid to watch movies seems unbelievable. People think there is no ‘easy money. But according to reliable information, earning money while you watch videos online is real.

There are many websites and platforms where you can earn money by just watching movies and movie trailers. There are more activities such as taking surveys to get extra cash. It is very easy, but it takes a lot of your time. Remember that you will not earn millions from this, however, it is an easy way to earn online.

You can get paid higher if you put more effort into using your skills and knowledge. Writing reviews, making youtube videos, typing subtitles, becoming a critic, and production of movies are way harder to achieve than just watching movie trailers.

For that, you need some experience in rating films and should be able to note every detail that the common movie enjoyer can skip.

You can follow our recommendations and we hope that they will be helpful. It is up to you to choose any options which are convenient for you and get paid to watch movies.

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