How much does Taco Bell pay per hour?

How much does taco bell pay per hour? There are many ways to make money at Taco Bell. One way is to be a Cashier. Here’s an idea of what a Cashier in California will earn in an hour. There are also several different types of jobs at Taco Bell. The data in this article was gathered through a survey called the Breakroom Quiz. The survey took place between November 2021 and October 2022.

How much does Taco Bell pay per hour California?

Taco Bell offers different types of positions, from entry-level positions to more specialized positions. Be sure to check out all your options before applying. Some roles offer higher starting salaries and more impressive benefits. While Taco Bell isn’t the highest paying restaurant in California, it does offer many benefits.

Taco Bell employees in California can expect to make $12 to $21 per hour. While it can be stressful working with obnoxious customers, a career at Taco Bell offers many benefits, educational opportunities, and the possibility of earning a decent salary. For example, restaurant managers can earn up to $39,000 a year!

Cashier hourly salaries in California at Taco Bell

The cashier position at Taco Bell in California offers a good wage and excellent benefits. The company has been increasing its pay over the past few years. The company rewards hard work and initiative. Employees receive two ten-minute breaks per shift and receive half-price meals every thirty minutes. Applicants should have a positive attitude and a sense of teamwork to ensure a successful career at Taco Bell.

How much does Taco Bell pay per hour

Taco Bell offers a variety of entry-level jobs as well as positions for people with specialized skills. Make sure to explore all positions before making your final decision. Some of the higher-paying positions offer excellent benefits and higher starting salaries. To find the perfect position for you, start by checking out Taco Bell’s website and visiting the local location.

Cashier salary at Taco Bell varies by location. Depending on the type of position, you can earn up to $18,000 per year or $9 per hour. However, keep in mind that the salary at Taco Bell is 114% lower than the average salary for working Americans.

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What is top pay for Taco Bell?

Hourly pay at Taco Bell Corporation ranges from an average of $8.29 to $15.39 an hour. Taco Bell Corporation employees with the job title General Manager, Restaurant make the most with an average hourly rate of $17.86, while employees with the title Cook, Fast Food make the least with an average hourly rate of $9.32.

How much does Taco Bell pay per hour in Texas?

How much does a Team Member make at Taco Bell in Texas? Average Taco Bell Team Member hourly pay in Texas is approximately $11.43, which is 7% below the national average.

Do you get free food if you work at Taco Bell?

Restaurant Support Center Perks:

Free snacks, drinks and bagel & donut Fridays. Onsite childcare through Bright Horizons. Onsite dining center and game room (yes, there is a Taco Bell inside the building)

Do Taco Bell employees get paid weekly?

2 weeks. Biweekly pay. If you start in the middle of a pay period you have to wait untill that pay period is finished and start with the new week again.

What is the dress code for Taco Bell?

The dress code at Taco Bell consists of the company’s uniform. Workers are provided a Taco Bell shirt, hat, and pants by the company. Employees wear black non-slip shoes. Visible undershirts must be clean and solid white.

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