The Las Vegas Minimum Wage Law

Las Vegas Minimum Wage, how much? A Las Vegas attorney says the state’s minimum wage law is being flouted. While the minimum wage is supposed to increase for low-wage workers, many employers are offering “token” plans that don’t even cover the cost of health insurance. This violates the law that was designed to encourage employers to provide decent health insurance to workers. In an upcoming election, Nevada voters will have the opportunity to change that. This article discusses the current minimum wage in Nevada and what the future holds.

The Nevada minimum wage has many provisions that may be of great interest to business owners. Unlike other states, Nevada requires employers to pay tipped employees the same rate as other employees. In addition, employers must pay employees in training the minimum wage, without deductions. Beginning in 2022, the minimum wage will rise by a percent every year. Businesses that want to comply with this law should evaluate their expenses and understand the different tiers.

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In addition to health benefits, Nevada’s minimum wage has a two-tier system. The higher tier of the minimum wage requires employers to pay at least $8.25 an hour. If you do not offer any health benefits, you can still pay your employees a lower rate. It is important to remember that if you do not pay your employees the required minimum wage, they could file a lawsuit to get back pay and damages.

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    1. If you’re working in the minimum wage employment bracket in Las Vegas and earn less than $15.75/hr, you’re currently getting screwed. Seems about right considering that one third of the city’s residents live below poverty line. But if your boss pays you money under the table, maybe it’s time to act before they start telling stories about their behind-the-scenes business dealings.

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