Tucson Minimum Wage Act – What Employers Need to Know 2023

The Tucson Minimum Wage Act covers employers that employ full-time, temporary, and part-time employees. It excludes federal, state, and tribal employees. The Labor Standards Unit is being established, but its viability is still unclear. The city can enforce the act by fineing employers $100 per violation. It may also suspend business licenses or revoke them altogether if multiple violations are detected. Further, the law applies to employees of private companies, not to those of nonprofit organizations or tribal entities.

While the Arizona Minimum Wage Act raises the Tucson minimum wage, there are many other provisions of the law that employers should understand. Below, we’ll outline some of the highlights. Remember: this information is not legal advice. Please seek legal counsel before making any decisions about employment law. A qualified Arizona attorney will advise you regarding your legal rights. Once you’ve reviewed the Arizona Minimum Wage Act, contact an attorney for further guidance.

The Tucson Minimum Wage Act increases the minimum wage to $13 per hour on April 1 and then gradually increases to $15 an hour by January 1, 2025. This ordinance passed with a 60% approval rate, and it also sets forth workers’ rights. For instance, an employer can still offset the cost of a minimum wage increase with a three-hour payment for a scheduled employee who is told to leave early. As long as the new law is enforced, this law should have a positive impact on the economy and local government.

tucson minimum wage

The proposed law creates a unit to enforce the law and protect the rights of employees. The unit will be responsible for investigating complaints within 60 days and will have authority to inspect payroll records and suspect business licenses. Infringing businesses could be fined up to $100 per day. A citywide advertising campaign is underway to help local businesses comply with the new law. A lack of resources and enforcement resources could put the city at risk.

For small businesses, understanding the new Arizona minimum wage is essential. Staying informed and proactive is key to a company’s future. Make sure you consult a qualified lawyer and accountant about any new laws that may affect your bottom line. There are many resources online to help you protect your company and your employees’ livelihoods. You can also discuss these issues with a trusted accountant or lawyer before hiring new employees. Once you’ve a firm grasp on the new laws, you can start making informed decisions about how to comply with them.

While it may seem like a big change for many employees, it comes at a good time. Americans are leaving the workforce or simply changing jobs to get higher pay. The new law also has the support of a majority of employers. In fact, more than 100 small businesses have signed on to the legislation. Ho

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