What Does Burger King Pay in Missouri?

What Does Burger King Pay in Missouri? The average salary at Burger King is less than $20 per hour. The average annual salary is about $35,450. Part-time employees at Burger King make the same as full-time employees. These employees work for short stints, averaging three to five hours each day, and they get about 15 to 25 hours off each week.

Average salary for assistant manager at Burger King is approximately $35,450 a year

An Assistant Manager at Burger King is responsible for maximizing profitability, enhancing the guest experience and ensuring employee satisfaction. The average salary for an Assistant Manager is approximately $35,450 per year. As a Burger King manager, you’ll work with a team to ensure that every guest has a great experience.

Assistant Managers manage multiple departments within the restaurant, focusing on customer service, profitability, and people development. In Maryland, Burger King has over 800 restaurants. While the average pay for this position is below the national average, this position is responsible for completing a variety of daily tasks.

Salaries for Burger King Managers range from $10,392 to $185,480 per year. The middle 57% earn between $33,845 and $83,798, while the top 86% make over $185,480. In 2018, those making this amount would be subject to 12% federal tax. As a result, their take home pay would be $32,359, or $1,348 per paycheck.

What Does Burger King Pay in Missouri

While the salary is low, the job comes with many benefits. For example, you can work flexible hours and a good hourly wage. In addition, you’ll get to mentor others. As an Assistant Manager at Burger King, you’ll work with a team of people, and will have the opportunity to lead them in their careers.

Average salary for manager at Burger King is less than $20 an hour

In Missouri, an average Burger King Manager salary ranges from $29,965 to $38,330 per year. This salary is based on hourly, weekly, monthly, and annual pay. Saint Louis offers the highest average salary in Missouri, at more than $17 per hour.

There are many jobs available at Burger King, ranging from Team Members to Restaurant General Managers. Restaurant franchisees make hiring decisions. However, it is important to remember that an hourly wage for a manager at Burger King can be less than $20 per hour. If you’re interested in working at this fast-food chain, you’ll need to be willing to put in the necessary time.

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